SkyWriter 3D pen $99.99 The lightest most advanced 3D pen on the planet

$179.99 $99.99

Kit includes  $99.99

1 SkyWriter 3d Pen Kit and Huge 20 Color 100 meter refill kit

1 0 colors ABS x 5 meter each color

10 colors PLA x 5 meters each color

over 328 Feet of  Hand Held printing 1.75mm refill filament


***20 color Kits are Best suited for Hand held Printing Pen***

1 kg rolls of filament are available for the                                    SkyWriter3d Desktop 3d Printer

Product Description

new box front SkyWriter3d Hand Held

the Skywriter 3D hand held printing pen sale.

***Now includes the $49.99  20 color 328 feet of Filament***

Create anything, doodle in mid air.


SkyWriter3D Hand Held 3d Printing Pen

    • The lightest 3D pen on the planet, only 55 grams
    • New ergonomic design fits the hand better
    • New soft touch finish for nicer high quality feel
    • Intelligent control, Easy operation and control.
    • No Clog Nozzle with smart auto temperature control
    • 8 digital speed controls for more accurate and stable extruding.
    • A single press for continuous extruding flow makes it easier to create with less fatigue and greater hand freedom.

An ABS filament is fed into the pen with automatic feed. The SkyWriter3D heats and melts the material and extrudes it out the ceramic tip hardening in just a few seconds it Allows the user to create items in mid air. Draw and create in 3d anything you can imagine.




Additional Information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 6 x 10 in

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